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The following associations in the medical industry report to the Register:  
You can find more information on the whys and wherefores of the transparency regulations on the websites of the CGR (the Dutch Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising), the CAVP (the Dutch Committee for the Promotion of Veterinary Products) or the GMH (the Dutch Foundation for the Code for Medical Devices).

The codes of conduct stipulate that information on the past year must be provided every year in retrospect. Financial relationships must in principle be reported to the Transparency Register by the companies (at a charge of € 7 per relationship before 1 June; after this data any amendment will be charged at € 14,-). If a healthcare provider has entered into a financial relationship with a company located outside the Netherlands, the duty to report the financial relationship lies with the healthcare provider.

Financial relationships which existed in 2018 and which exceeded a total sum of €500 can be reported to the Transparency Register between 14 January 2019 and 31 May 2019. Until the end of June 2019, healthcare providers and organisations then have the opportunity to check the entries made and to report any mistakes in the data. The relationships that were reported over the year 2018 will be published in July 2019.

The financial relationships can be reported in three ways:
  1. manual registration via the portal;
  2. a one-off upload using an Excel Template* in CSV format (using list separators) via the portal;
  3. a link to the XML web service.
The Transparency Register must be provided with the following information on these financial relationships:
  1. the company’s identification number (issued by the Healthcare Transparency Register);
  2. the beneficiary’s registration number (BIG / UDN / Chamber of Commerce number);
  3. the beneficiary’s email address (for notifying the beneficiary); 
  4. the number of the type of contract (information on type of contract);
  5. the amount (in whole numbers; in euro).
Healthcare providers and organisations can report mistakes via the portal. The companies concerned are then notified of this fact, again via the portal, and can correct any mistakes in consultation with the relevant provider or organisation. The company must enter corrections via the portal manually (not using Excel).

Login codes are issued to just one contact per company. If your company has not yet received login codes via the portal, click here for the registration form. 

The following presentation is used to demonstrate to the employees of the companies how they should register the financial relationships in the Healthcare Transparency Register. 

* The Excel FARMA Template / Excel GMH Template can be uploaded in the portal just once. The Template is available in Excel 97-2003 (xls) format. The completed Excel Template must first be stored in CSV format on your own computer (using ‘save as’, and demarcated with list separators), and can then be uploaded in the portal. Derogations from the template (in terms of format, column sequence and the content of the fields) are not permitted. After it has been uploaded, the information will be visible in the portal within 15 minutes. Entries can only be amended manually in the portal.

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